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Victory is the fifth studio album by The Jacksons. Released on July 2, 1984, it was the first and only album to have all six Jackson brothers together. This was also the last album to be recorded with Michael Jackson.

The album would go on to sell over seven million copies worldwide. The album was then supported by the Victory Tour, where Michael Jackson's album Thriller was the feature of the shows. After the tour, Michael and Marlon quit the group. Jermaine, Tito, Randy and Jackie continued on and released 2300 Jackson Street in 1989.


  1. Torture
  2. Wait
  3. One More Chance
  4. Be Not Always
  5. State Of Shock (with Mick Jagger)
  6. We Can Change The World
  7. The Hurt
  8. Body


  1. State Of Shock (released June 5, 1984)
  2. Torture (released September 30, 1984)
  3. Body (released November 21, 1984)

Remastered Version

A remastered version of Victory was released in July 2009 in Japan only, as part of a six-album Jacksons reissue series.

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