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The Wall is one of The Jackson 5 songs that's in the album, Maybe Tomorrow. This song was recorded by the Jackson 5 and was composed by Mel Larson, Jerry Marcellino, and Pam Sawyer. It's featured in the Jackson 5ive episode, The Tiny Five.[1]


  • You Hold Me Close To You My Baby
  • But Somehow It Doesn't Feel The Same
  • You Built The Wall So High Between Us
  • And You Tell Me That You Haven't Changed
  • (Chorus)
  • Tear Down The Wall That I Can Feel Between Us
  • The Hidden Wall That Hides The Real Love
  • Tear It On Down, Tear The Wall Down
  • Tell Me My Love Has Got The Strength To Take It
  • Tell Me What's Wrong We'll Make It
  • Tear It On Down, Yeah Tear The Wall Down
  • I Thought I Really Knew You Baby
  • Almost The Way I Know Myself
  • But Now You're Actin' Like A Stranger
  • And You Changed Girl Into Somebody Else
  • (Chorus)

In Maybe Tomorrow

This song is the 4th song in this album.[2]


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