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Here is a list of unreleased Michael Jackson music.

Note: If a song on this list is Italisized that means it has not been leaked yet. If a song is bold that means it was leaked in full. If a song is underlined that means a snippet has been leaked but not the full track.

  • 11 P.M.
  • A Baby Smiles
  • A Deeper Love
  • A Pretty Face Is
  • Addams Groove (Addams Family Unreleased Theme Song)
  • Adore You
  • Al Capone
  • All I Need
  • All In Your Name
  • All My Children
  • Baby's On Fire
  • Bad Company
  • Bang Your Head
  • Bassouille
  • Be Me 4 A Day
  • Beatboy 2010
  • Beautiful Girl
  • Belong 2
  • Bottle Of Smoke
  • Bottom Of My Heart
  • Boy No
  • Brad Loop 3.37
  • Breaking
  • Breathe (Snippet named "River Ripple")
  • Broken Chair
  • Bubbles
  • Buffalo Bill
  • Butter Funk
  • Can't Get Your Weight Off Of Me
  • Can't Stop Me Now
  • Can You
  • Carousel
  • Casino Night
  • California Grass
  • Changes
  • Cheater
  • Color of My Soul
  • Crack Kills
  • Creepin' In
  • Crush
  • Cry (1991, composed by Michael Jackson)
  • Got The Hots
  • Holiday Inn
  • Hollywood
  • Hot Fever
  • Hot Street
  • In The Life of Chico
  • Iowa
  • Scared of The Moon
  • Stay
  • Still The King (featuring
  • Stop The War
  • Strawberry Fields Forever
  • Susie
  • Sweet Music
  • Thank Heaven
  • That
  • The Future
  • The Gloved One
  • Tragedy of a Cheerleader
  • Who Is The Girl With Her Hair Down?

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