How Funky Is Your Chicken is one of The Jackson 5 songs and singles (Single in Holland and Sweden only) in the album, Third Album. It was written by Willie Hutch, Lester Carr, and Richard Hutch and was produced by Hal Davis. It's featured in the Jackson 5ive episode, The Winners' Circle.[1]


  • Show me how funky
  • Is your Chicken now
  • Let me see ya get away get away
  • When the band starts kickin' now
  • Oh! If you can do the funky chicken better than I can
  • I don't mind givin' in
  • To the badest man
  • 'Cause I say I
  • Like competition
  • Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
  • 'Cause a little competition now
  • Gives me a condition now
  • Oh! Better common, common, common
  • Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
  • Put yourself in the grove
  • And get ready to move Common
  • Mmm... You've been spreadin' rumours
  • Of the badest on two feet
  • Let me tell you buddy
  • I'm ready to compete
  • We gonna have a show down
  • I'm ready how about you
  • Oh! Gonna dance til' the midnight hour
  • Til' the sun comes shinnin' through
  • Oh! Common, common, common! Yeah...
  • Put yourself in the grove
  • And get ready to move Common
  • We're gonna have a show down
  • Gonna get a low down
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...
  • Ho down
  • You wanna be around
  • Gonna have a show down
  • We're gonna get low down
  • You better not slow down

In Third Album

This song is the 7th song in this album.[2]


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