Goin' Back to Indiana
Goin' Back to Indiana (album)
The Jackson 5
Released September 29, 1971
Recorded May 29, 1971 - July 9 and 10, 1971
Length 42:29
Label Motown (MS 742L)
Produced by Berry Gordy, The Corporation

Goin' Back to Indiana is the 6th regular Jackson 5 album that has sold 2.6 million copies worldwide and has a 2001 re-release.[1]

Track Listing

  1. I Want You Back
  2. Maybe Tomorrow
  3. The Day Basketball Was Saved
  4. Stand!
  5. I Want to Take You Higher
  6. Feelin' Alright
  7. Medley: Walk On/The Love You Save
  8. Goin' Back to Indiana


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