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Dapper Dan is one of Michael Jackson's songs in the album, Forever, Michael. It's a freestyle and it was recorded in November of 1974. It was written by Don Fletcher, Hal Davis, and R. Esters and was produced by Hal Davis. This song is 3 minutes and 11 seconds in length.[1][2]


  • Do it do it, he can do it, watch him do it
  • I got rhythm and a whole lot of soul
  • I can dance I can shake it baby (He can dance)
  • I'm just a little country boy
  • Harmonica in my hand I got soulful rhythm in me
  • I'm a get down dancin man
  • Shalalala boom boom
  • My name is Dapper Dan
  • Shalalala boom boom
  • I'm a dancin' man yeah
  • I'm gonna be king of the Disco tech
  • That's where I can be found
  • Master of the rhythm beat ohh
  • I've got the fastest feet around
  • Shalalala boom boom
  • My name is Dapper Dan
  • Shalalala boom boom
  • I'm a dancin man yeah
  • Do it do it Let's do it do it
  • Get up on the floor
  • Let's do it do it Dance what you wanta
  • Let's dance dance with me
  • I like the way you shake it (twice)
  • I like the way you move it
  • oo you sexy

In Forever, Michael

This song is the 8th song in this album.[3]


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