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The Dangerous World Tour was the second worldwide solo concert tour by Michael Jackson. The tour, sponsored by Pepsi-Cola, included 70 performances. All profits were donated to various charities including Jackson's own "Heal the World Foundation." The tour ran from June 27, 1992 to November 11, 1993.

In November 1993, Jackson ended the tour due to, as he announced, illness that required hospitalization. The performer became dependent on painkillers, having suffered from dehydration, migraines and injuries. Originally, the Dangerous World Tour was supposed to run until Christmas of 1993.


Following the huge success of the Bad world tour, Michael Jackson's first solo world tour, where he earned $125 million, the star claimed that he would not tour again, and would instead concentrate on making films and records. On February 3, 1992, in a Pepsi press conference, it was announced that Jackson would be touring again. The announcement coincided with a new deal between Jackson and Pepsi, with a reported $20,000,000 deal to sponsor the tour.

In an interview, Jackson stated, "The only reason I am going on tour is to raise funds for the newly-formed Heal the World Foundation, an international children's charity, that I am spearheading to assist children and the ecology. My goal is to gross $100,000,000 by Christmas 1993. I urge every corporation and individual who cares about this planet and the future of the children to help raise money for the charity. The Heal the World Foundation will contribute funds to pediatric AIDS in honor of my friend Ryan White. I am looking forward to this tour because it will allow me to devote time to visiting children all around the world, as well as spread the message of global love, in the hope that others will be moved to do their share to help heal the world."

Rehearsal Set List

  1. Jam
  2. Wanna Be Startin' Something
  3. Human Nature
  4. Smooth Criminal
  5. I Just Can't Stop Loving You
  6. She's Out Of My Life
  7. Jackson 5 Medley
  8. Rock With You
  9. Thriller
  10. Billie Jean
  11. Remember The Time
  12. Workin' Day And Night
  13. Beat It
  14. Will You Be There
  15. The Way You Make Me Feel (first and second legs only)
  16. Bad (first and second legs only)
  17. Dangerous (third leg only)
  18. Black Or White
  19. Heal The World
  20. Man In The Mirror

1992 Set List

  1. "Brace Yourself" Video Intro
  2. Jam
  3. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
  4. Human Nature
  5. Smooth Criminal
  6. I Just Can't Stop Loving You (duet with Siedah Garrett)
  7. She's Out Of My Life
  8. Jackson 5 Medley
  9. Thriller
  10. Billie Jean
  11. "Black Panther" Video Interlude
  12. Working Day And Night
  13. Beat It
  14. Someone Put Your Hand Out (Instrumental)
  15. Will You Be There
  16. The Way You Make Me Feel (performed from Munich to Oslo, also performed in Tokyo)
  17. Bad (performed from Munich to Oslo, also in Tokyo)
  18. Black Or White
  19. "We Are The World" Video Interlude
  20. Heal The World
  21. Man In The Mirror
  22. "Rocket Man" Finale

Super Bowl XXVII Halftime Show Set List

  1. Jam (with intro of Why You Wanna Trip On Me)
  2. Billie Jean
  3. Black Or White
  4. "We Are The World" Interlude
  5. Heal The World

1993 Set List

  1. "Brace Yourself" (video intro)
  2. Jam
  3. Wanna Be Startin' Something
  4. Human Nature
  5. Smooth Criminal
  6. I Just Can't Stop Loving You (duet with Siedah Garrett)
  7. She's Out of My LIfe
  8. Jackson 5 Medley
  9. Thriller
  10. Billie Jean
  11. "Black Panther" (video interlude)
  12. Will You Be There
  13. Dangerous
  14. Black or White
  15. "We are the World" (video interlude)
  16. Heal The World
  17. Man in the Mirror (Mexico only)

Tour Dates

First leg (Europe)

  1. June 27, 1992 - Munich, Germany
  2. June 30, July 1, 1992 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
  3. July 4, 1992 - Rome, Italy
  4. July 6 and 7, 1992 - Monza, Italy
  5. July 11, 1992 - Cologne, Germany
  6. July 15, 1992 - Oslo, Norway
  7. July 17 and 18, 1992 - Stockholm, Sweden
  8. July 20, 1992 - Gentofte, Denmark
  9. July 22, 1992 - Werchter, Belgium
  10. July 25, 1992 - Dublin, Ireland
  11. July 30 and 31, 1992 - London, United Kingdom
  12. August 5, 1992 - Cardiff, United Kingdom
  13. August 8, 1992 - Bremen, Germany
  14. August 10, 1992 - Hamburg, Germany
  15. August 13, 1992 - Hamelin, Germany
  16. August 16, 1992 - Leeds, United Kingdom
  17. August 18, 1992 - Glasgow, United Kingdom
  18. August 20, 22 and 23, 1992 - London, United Kingdom
  19. August 26, 1992 - Vienna, Austria
  20. August 28, 1992 - Frankfurt, Germany
  21. August 30, 1992 - Ludwigshafen, Germany
  22. September 2, 1992 - Bayreuth, Germany
  23. September 4, 1992 - Berlin, Germany
  24. September 8, 1992 - Lausanne, Switzerland
  25. September 13, 1992 - Paris, France
  26. September 16, 1992 - Toulouse, France
  27. September 18, 1992 - Barcelona, Spain
  28. September 21, 1992 - Oviedo, Spain
  29. September 23, 1992 - Madrid, Spain
  30. September 26, 1992 - Lisbon, Portugal
  31. October 1, 1992 - Bucharest, Romania

Second leg (Asia)

  1. December 12, 14, 17, 19, 22, 24, 30, and 31, 1992 - Tokyo, Japan

Third leg (Asia)

  1. August 24 and 27, 1993 - Bangkok, Thailand
  2. August 29, September 1, 1993 - Singapore, Singapore
  3. September 4 and 6, 1993 - Taipei, Taiwan
  4. September 10 and 11, 1993 - Fukuoka, Japan

Third leg (Europe)

  1. September 15, 1993 - Moscow, Russia

Third leg (Asia) Part 2

  1. September 19 and 21, 1993 - Tel Aviv, Israel

Third leg (Europe)

  1. September 23, 1993 - Istanbul, Turkey
  2. September 26, 1993 - Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain)

Third leg (South America)

  1. October 8, 10 and 12, 1993 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  2. October 15 and 17, 1993 - Sao Paulo, Brazil
  3. October 23, 1993 - Santiago, Chile

Third leg (North America)

  1. October 29 and 31, November 7, 9 and 11, 1993 - Mexico City, Mexico

Broadcasts and Recordings

Here is an (currently incomplete) list of full, near-full, and snippets of concerts of the Dangerous Tour:

  1. Munich 1992 - The full concert has never been shown, but snippets from the concert have been shown on MTV and the Veronica Channel: "Billie Jean", the first verse/chorus and ending of "Bad", and "Black Or White". "Billie Jean" has 3 different versions, one by MTV as a special, the other (also MTV) on the Dangerous Diaries documentary, and the other version shown on Channel 4 and Veronica Channel. Both MTV versions have a snippet of Jackson's original acapella recording for "Billie Jean" placed over his live vocals when Jackson throws his fedora at the end of the performance, while the Channel 4/Veronica versions retain the original live vocals while also having different camera angles. There is also a full amateur audio recording of the concert in high quality available.
  2. Rotterdam 1992 - Two snippets from the first show included "Jam" and "Wanna Be Starting Something", both taken from news reports. A full amateur audio recording of the second show is also available.
  3. Rome 1992 - One snippet of "Jam" and two snippets of "WBSS" are available. A near-full amateur audio recording of the concert is available also.
  4. Monza 1992 - No professionally filmed recordings exist from either show. There are however two amateur filmed recordings from both show, the first one from the first show is only 40 minutes long, while the second one is the actual full recording from the second show.
  5. Cologne 1992 - A snippet of Jam and an almost full performance of Billie Jean are available professionally. A near full amateur video recording exists, and also a complete amateur audio recording (missing Jackson 5 Medley).
  6. Oslo 1992 - 30 minutes of pro footage was unofficially leaked, with the footage bearing the MJ Beats logo. They were planning to release it officially like they did with the Bremen concert, but someone leaked low quality rips of the footage without permission. As a result, the full show will never be released, although some other snippets from the concert were officially released as teasers by MJ Beats
  7. Stockholm 1992 - Full amateur video recordings from both shows in Stockholm are available. Two snippets from the first show are available also.
  8. Copenhagen 1992 - Jam and WBSS snippets are available.

Opening Acts

  • Kris Kross
  • Rozalla
  • D'Influence (England only)
  • Snap! (Bucharest only)
  • Culture Beat (1993 European dates only)


  • After the Oslo, Norway concert, "The Way You Make Me Feel" and "Bad" weren't performed for the rest of the tour, although the songs did return for the first 6 concerts in Tokyo, Japan.
  • "Workin' Day And Night" and "Beat It" were taken out of the setlist in the third leg. The cherry picker that was used for "Beat It" in the first and second legs was then used for "Black or White" in some concerts in the third leg.
  • "Rock with You" and "Remember The Time" were taken out of the setlist due to wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Rehearsals for the tour have taken place in Jackson's Neverland home. Footage of the rehearsals can be seen on YouTube.
  • The concert in Bucharest has been released on DVD, making it the most popular concert of the tour.


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