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Born to Love You is one of The Jackson 5 songs in the album, Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5. This song was recorded in June of 1969 and was was written and composed by Ivory Joe Hunter and William "Mickey" Stevenson. This song was produced by Bobby Taylor and The Corporation and was sung by Michael Jackson and Jermaine Jackson. This song is 2 minutes and 38 seconds in length.[1][2]


  • Girl, as you walk by
  • I see the sign so deep inside
  • I knew it had to be
  • When you smiled for a little while
  • I heard the same rhapsody
  • So lovely and so fair
  • I knew right then and there
  • That you were made for me
  • And it wasn't hard to see
  • I guess I was born to love you
  • Guess I was born to love you
  • (Darling I, I was born to love you)
  • (Give my love to no one but you)
  • There stands a man with the future in his hands
  • Don't let go
  • (Don't let go)
  • Don’t let go
  • (Don't let go)
  • Baby, don't let go
  • You better come on
  • And take my hand
  • ’Cause I can't understand
  • This feeling in my soul
  • But I know that I would rather die
  • Than to let this feeling go
  • Oh, now, girl can you see
  • That this was meant to be
  • It's funny but it's true
  • I guess I was born to love you
  • Guess I was born to love you
  • Guess I was born to love you
  • Darlin’ I, yeah
  • I guess I was born to love you

In Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5

This song is the 6th song on Side B of this album.[3]


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