Congratulations Janet!

Happy New Year people! With a new year comes fresh news so here we go.


Our beloved King's favourite sister Janet Jackson has very recently become a mother for the first time! The popstar aged 50, welcomed her first child last Tuesday, the 3rd of January 2017, with her 42-year-old Qatari husband Wissam Al Mana(Pictured above), whom she married in 2012.

The newest addition to the Jackson family, a baby boy, has been named Eissa Al Mana. Personally I am hugely interested in baby names, and I am just loving Janet and Wissam's choice for their son. What's really interesting is that the name 'Eissa' actually comes from dual origins. It is a Hebrew name meaning 'salvation' or 'God is salvation', plus it is also a variation of the Arabic name for Jesus, which is Isa.

While many people are congratulating and sending in their wishes for the new family, I would also like to point out that Janet's big brother Michael, would have been overjoyed at the prospect of becoming an uncle again, if he were here. Nonetheless, I imagine he'll be celebrating up there!