Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. - Muhammad Ali

For all you Ali fans out there, this famous line is probably the most frequent one playing in your head, since his tragic death, only last month.

Well, since this is the first official forum post on this wiki, I wanted to honor the legacies of both Muhammad Ali and Michael Jackson. Did you know, that the Greatest and the King have actually met?

Don't believe me? See for yourselves.

The little King with Muhammad Ali

MJ-and-Ali 2
Ali, with Michael and Marlon


Michael-08 getty 345363s1
Michael, with Ali and his then-wife Veronica Porché


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Meeting the Jackson 5

Hangin' out with the greatest

So you think you can fight?

Muhammad Ali v. The Jacksons!

Sweet Victory, boys

What d'you guys think?